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How we work together and fees


Custom Training Programs
The session length and objectives will be determined during the assessment portion of the process.

Creativity and Innovation Techniques
More than brainstorming; techniques you can use to generate ideas and select the best from among them. A very hands-on session, recommend minimum ½ day.

Learn the characteristics of a problem in which a systematic process would help identify possible causes. One day recommended.

Decision-making styles for Leaders
Do you make the decision alone? Collaborate with others? Seek input then decide? In this workshop you will learn different styles and the conditions when those styles seem to work best. One day recommended.

Decision-making processes
An orderly process generates alternatives and a method
to objectively consider those alternatives which leads to a best choice balancing benefits with potential implementation problems. One day recommended.

Leadership skills can be learned. The factors or characteristics making one person more effective than another is the focus of this workshop. We talk about leveraging these factors. We will customize the workshop to fit your organization. One half day or one day depending on results desired.

Hospitality and Customer Service
There is no secret to good customer service. You know what makes you feel good as a customer. Develop for your business the hospitality behaviors that lead to repeat customers and create “buzz”. Can be done in ½ day or one day formats depending on results desired.

New Manager training
We can collaborate to deliver training that establishes and reinforces expectations for performance, for managing others, for working in teams. This workshop gets your new managers “off on the right foot”. Training employing face-to-face discussion and interactions has greater impact than training through electronic media. Recommended minimum one day.

Manager and Supervisor interpersonal skills training
This workshop trains skills for talking with an employee whose performance is below expectations, one who has violated company policy and is in serious jeopardy, and an example of a termination meeting with an employee. One day recommended.

Do you really want to build a team, or do you want to get out of the office for a day and do something different and call it teambuilding? We can do either one or both. You know truly building a team needs more than one event and takes repeated evaluations of the team’s improving performance. That’s why great sports teams watch film after a game and practice where they need to improve. Let’s talk about the real outcomes you want to achieve. There are some great places to go for a day of teambuilding. People often do feel better and more energized afterwards for a while. Then there’s the kind of teambuilding that is harder work that gets results. Which one is better for the business? One day for off-site teambuilding. On-site teambuilding and team performance improvement will be customized based on client requirements.

Professional Skills Development
Call it coaching if you prefer. We will work together to make you more likely to be successful with that upcoming difficult discussion you have to have with an employee, a co-worker or a boss. Sometimes you want someone objective to listen to an idea before you take what you think might be a risk. My experience with three large corporations and other decision-making settings prepares me to help you work through alternatives. One-on-one, hourly rate.

If you are not satisfied that your onboarding or orientation process is getting the results you want, let’s discuss Countdown to Start Plus 30 and how this will get your new employees engaged and integrated more quickly in your enterprise. Customized depending on client needs.

Interviewing Skills
Whether your company uses behavioral interviewing or something else, chances are you have more than one person interviewing most candidates. You are wasting money, time and making a poor impression if your interviewers are not prepared and if they ask the same or similar questions. Let’s plan your interview questions, write the interview guides and train the interviewers to be effective and impressive so you get the candidate you want! Customized depending on client needs.

For more information on any of these programs or to schedule a consultation call 614-361-4395 or email: tholton@columbus.rr.com